Antony Oldknow

Antony Oldknow was inspired to pick up a pen and write by his schoolteacher, John D. Mowat. His teacher introduced him to the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins. Dr. Oldknow immediately took to the Hopkins writing style and began to mimic his style in his own work. Eventually, his writing style manifested into its’ own and he followed his dream of becoming a writer. As a writer, educator, editor and publisher, Dr. Oldknow has been able to inspire, teach and entertain audiences for more than five decades. Prior to retiring in 2012 and attaining emeritus professor status, Dr. Oldknow taught English at Eastern New Mexico University. He joined the faculty at the institution in 1987. Prior to that, he taught at the University of Kansas, the University of Wisconsin, the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, Laval University and Cowdenbeath Technical College.

In his career as a writer, Dr. Oldknow has served as the editor of The Scopcraeft Press. He was a traveling writer for Plains Book Bus and a poetry reader for Cottonwood Magazine. He possesses a long list of published and edited works, including “Dr. Upex and the Great God Ing-Fifteen Weird Unexpected Stories,” “The Rod of the Lord” and “Anthem for Rusty Saw and Blue Sky.” Dr. Oldknow has had many career highlights. One of his major highlights was being named the chairman of the council of chairs at Eastern New Mexico University. In addition, he has had the pleasure of having encounters with figures like T.S. Elliot, Dick Gregory, Anne Sexton, Richard Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson in the process of his career. He was largely influenced by his step-grandmother, Theodosia Millins, who taught him how to read and write using the King James Bible.

Creative Works

Author, (short story collection) Dr. Upex and the Great God Ing-Fifteen Weird Unexpected Stories, 2016

Author, The Rod of the Lord, 1971

Author (poems), Anthem for Rusty Saw and Blue Sky, 1975

Author, Consolation for Beggars, 1978

Author, Miniature Clouds, 1981

Author, Wanderers, 1995

Author, The Passion Play and Other Ghost Stories, 2006

Educated (with Caryl Johnson, Kodzo Gavua), An Intercultural Perspective on Ghana, 2006

Author with Cynthia Hendershot and Jesse Swan, A Short Book of Literary Terms, 1995

Translator, Clara d’Ell beuse, 1992 (Jammes)

Editor, Scopcraeft Magazine, 1966-1972

Editor, The Fifth Horseman Magazine, 1967-1968

Editor, The Mainstreeter Magazine, 1971-1979

Editor, Blackwater Magazine, 1995-

Editor, Eastern NM University Gallery Paintings, 2006

Editor, Art Exhibition University of North Dakota Poetry Prize, 1974

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